How We Built a 7-Figure Amazon Business From Scratch (In Less Than a Year) Using "Product Clusters" 

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Achieved $1,000,000/yr Run Rate...

  • Hit $40,000/month within first months
  • Reached $80,000/month shortly after this video
  • ​They wanted a business that would work FOR them, rather than them working in the business.
  • ​If you have a partner, split responsibilities based off of your strengths!
  • ​The day they launched their product, they did over 100+ sales!
  • Had $6000 and $8000 days all while they were on vacation.
  • ​Now work whenever they want
  • ​Having the right mentors will allowed them to grow exponentially.

Ready To Quit Her 9-5...

  • Wanted to quit her 9-5 with a passive income business
  • Started getting organic sales within her first couple hours
  • 20, 30, 40 organic sales a day and about to run out of inventory!
  • ​Was making $24,000/month within 90 days
  • Wanted to build a brand and eventually sell the business.
  • ​Take action, timing is definitely key
  • Find the right product offering and really optimize your listing
  • Be accountable, make small steps, write down your tactics and objectives you want to hit and follow that!
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$30,000 In First 30 Days Of Selling...

  • Achieved $30,000 in their first 30 days of selling on Amazon!
  • Tried other e-commerce business models with no success.
  • ​Didn't want to waste time
  • ​Wanted help from 7-figure experts so they could start winning fast
  • ​Grew week over week from $4000, to $14,000... And hit $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000 days!
  • Increased price from $29.99 to $49.99 without slowing down sales!

$200,000 In First 7 Months Of Selling...

  • Didn't want to trade his time for money anymore.
  • ​Did over the $20,000 in their first month
  • $100,000 in total sales on their first 6 months 
  • Hit $100,000 in just one month, the very next month!
  • ​Followed our steps, which improved sales and profit!
  • ​Having the right mentors was key 
  • ​Focused on building a brand that people like and feel good about
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$16,000 In Less Than 60 Days...

  • Achieved over $16,000 in 60 days at 40% margins 
  • Launched a product he was passionate about
  • Created a unique product and design
  • Priced almost 2x higher than his competitors
  • Started attracting buyers from less premium products
  • ​THEN started ranking for keywords after having social proof
  • If you have a high quality product and incredible offer, you can charge what it's worth and convert like crazy!

$40,000 In Less Than 5 Months...

  • Wanted passive income to spend more time with kids 
  • Wanted to work from home or anywhere in the world
  • 8x sales revenue from $5,000 to $40,000 in less than 5 months in our Elite program
  • ​Finally plugged in processes that allowed them to scale
  • ​Learned how to optimize listings for maximum sales
  • ​Mastered ranking products to get a flood of organic sales
  • ​After working with other programs, they chose to work with us because they felt we cared about their success and had their best interest at heart!
  • ​Finally believed that this business model could work the way we said, and is living the life they dreamed
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Multiple $1,000+ Days In First 30 Days...

  • Achieved $15,000 days in first 30 days
  • Had multiple $1,000+ days 
  • ​Not having a mentor delayed their launch by 6 months
  • ​Wish they had not been afraid to ask for help
  • ​Having a unique product offering that allowed them to capitalize in a competitive market
  • ​They had to increase price because demand was so high
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